We are thinking of making Pimp class 3 interactive. this would mean that you could pick what path of pimping you want to take.
But there is only one bad thing, the video can only be "interactive" on Youtube, not Bebo, Facebook etc..
so if its not on youtube it will not make sense.! 

Up Coming Videos!

Pimp class term 3!
: 3 new laws of PIMPINGwe are going to try and have Gareth back in the video, also some new people such as Duncan                                    
date: 24th October - 8th November 

Future : as Alex and Ben have a walk the find a hidden homeless person camp with a crazy syco man claiming he's from the future. 

Magic Key- After playing board games at Alexs, Ben goes home and leaves Alexs home alone. so he goes for a walk, when he finds a odd shop. when he walks up to it he sees THE DEALER (jahman), after refusing to buy drugs alex buys a magic key, but there is one problem IT TURNS YOU G........

"Uncles Will" - Bens uncle dies, and Ben and Alex have to stay the night in a hunted house to clam his will, but something fishy happens in the house, and they have to find the mouster that is scraying them! 


Swiper- this video is based on swiper the fox from Dora the explora. in this video swipers x-con brothers comes to town to help him become a great robber. but after being shocked by swipers girly-ness. its gona be harder than he thought.
^ this video above has been made but not uploaded, (because of its lak of lol), if you want us to upload it please message us at www.youtube.com/climaxproducti0ns